Sources of Fiber

Low fiber intake can be associated with various health issues. Increase your fiber intake by adding the following foods to your diet. Cereals • Rolled oats • Porridge • Muesli • Granola • Brown rice • Unprocessed bran • Low sugar breakfast cereals made from wheat Breads • Wholemeal • Rye • Hi-Fiber • Multigrain • Kibbled Flour • Unrefined • Hi-Wholemeal • Stoneground Vegetables - Best eaten raw • Celery sticks • Carrot sticks • Tomatoes Vegetables - Other • Beans • Peas • Lentils • Corn • Spinach Nuts and Seeds All nuts are a good source of fiber.

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Low Fiber Intake

Low fiber intake can increase the risks of several health issues such as: constipation hemorrhoids cancer of the colon diverticulitis ulcerative colitis irritable bowel hiatus hernia high blood cholesterol levels varicose veins weight gain Signs and symptoms of low fiber intake includes: irregular bowel habits difficulty passing bowel motions straining causing abdominal discomfort hard stools Fiber sources from food: Cereals Breads Flour Vegetables Nuts and Seeds Fruits If dietary intake of fiber is inadequate, complement your diet with fiber supplements.

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