About Nutrim.net

Nutrim.net was created to provide easy to read and easy to understand information on weight loss. It includes information on

  • why people gain weight
  • the principles of weight loss
  • how to determine your “ideal” weight
  • healthy diet advice
  • exercise tips
  • natural weight loss supplement information

The information provided on Nutrim.net is original content and may not be used or reproduced without expressed permission from the writer.

From the Author

Welcome to Nutrim.net!

My name is Sue Zann, a registered pharmacist living in Australia. I’m very proud to introduce a weight loss information site that is easy to read, easy to understand and provides you with information you need to help you reach your target body weight.

I have both a personal and professional interest in weight loss, weight control, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. This interest has led me to create the content for Nutrim.net.

My personal interest stems from my own struggle to maintain my weight, as well as wanting to help friends and family control their weight.

My professional interest comes from watching patients suffer with medical conditions that can be improved or even prevented if they had been able to control their weight. Medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and others can possibly be prevented or improved if patients had maintained their “ideal” body weight.

I have seen some patients suffer from the debilitating effects of these conditions and I have helped some patients lose weight and see their conditions improve. It made me happy to see that I could help and make a difference in someone’s quality of life.

I hope to be able to pass on my knowledge of weight loss to the wider community and help more people reach their target weight.

Sue Zann
BPharm MPS